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Our Whisky's

160 single malts, blends, bourbon and rye

Whisky, whiskey, single malt, blended, grain, bourbon and rye. Scottish, Irish, American, Japanese, yes even Taiwanese and Dutch! We don't discriminate on origin; it's all whisky. Flavour is all that matter's. It is the most widely consumed spirit in the world and is now more popular than ever.

A whisky for every palate

Enter freely and of your own free will, have a seat and let one of our staff members find a whisky to match your palate. We are by no means whisky snobs but are always more than willing to share our knowledge of and enthusiasm for this beautiful drink with you.

In addition to these spontaneous tastings, you can also contact us for a more extensive tasting session. In just under two hours we will introduce you to various styles and flavors and share some background information on the history, production processes, legislation etc. of worlds' most popular spirit.

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For a special occasion or event you may require a tailor-made tasting, at a specific venue or on a cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. Let us know what you desire for we will be happy to serve you anywhere, anyhow.

Book a
whisky tasting

From € 39,- we will serve you a selection of 6 beautiful whiskys. In order to give you and your party the attention you deserve, we recommend that you make a reservation.  

ZILT regularly organizes open tastings around a theme. Keep an eye on our site, Googe and Facebook for news.

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